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Short Summary

Contributors fund ideas they can be passionate about and to people they trust. Here are some things to do in this section:

  • My background is German, but I live over 10 Years in the UK. With over 15 Years of experience in Product Development, Branding & Marketing Industry I made my way within the classical corporation environment up to own Products & Start-Up. From the Idea to the Prototype, the industrialization until the Mass production and the market placement.
  • My passion is to be able to return an added value back to the planet, rather just takin, taking, and taking.  
  • With this project, I followed until the end of the tunnel and decided for what provide me with light. That truly is MAL x mobile ambient light everywhere you need to relax, sleep, have some peace or just indirectly brighten up your room and make with your mobile an ambient throughout the flashlight of your mobile and MAL.
  • You can easily use the unique function of creating an ambient with your phone. 
  • This Game Changer product start with it first version, with simple functionality and usage 

Remember, keep it concise, yet personal. Ask yourself: if someone stopped reading here would they be ready to make a contribution?

What We Need & What You Get

To break it down for you folks in more detail:

  • To scale the first version we need to secure production and be ready to deliver within the estimated time frame.
  • We cannot wait to make this product available for the mass. Everyone will enjoy MAL x mobile ambient light. To value you and your trust we will keep you updated as first and you will also receive the MAL product before everyone else do. On top of that with a trust discount of 40% to the RRP.
  • Everything will be returned to develop MAL to the next level.
  • We are ready to give up the big stake of our margin in order to make our dream become true.
  • Do not miss out on the chance to participate in the game-changing movement. 
  • This product provides you with peace, love & harmony.

The Impact

  • 9 out of 10 fell directly in love with MAL, and would buy it instantly. 
  • We have already plans for the future development of the MAL product line.
  • Potential user is everyone with a mobile and a flashlight.

Risks & Challenges

The risk is to not be quick enough to secure market ownership. As inventors of MAL, we went throughout our risk analysis and are ready for every competitor We know that our technology is ahead of everyone else and this is just the beginning. We welcome every similar product on the market as proof that our concept is brilliant. We are working hard to provide high-end edge technologies to our costumers and cannot wait to establish the trust of keeping our promise, by constantly improving and being up to date with the market demand.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:

  • Folks let get on a enlightened journey together, you can follow and see by yourself how MAL making a boring room brighten up with your selected colors without flashing directly in your eyes and disturbing the great atmosphere alone, with friends, family or romantic style.
  • Your Mobile & MAL is all you need, Mobile Ambient light help you to spend more quality time in any room. Forget about dangerous candle lights get MAL and you are sorted just perfectly.

Looking for more information? Check the project FAQ

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